It couldn’t be easier to install the Snowshoe Linux. There are no complicated instructions. Just select the destination disk with a single key-press and the Snowshoe installer does the rest for you.

Everything else with the distribution is just a matter of copying your project packages to the installer addons directory. And Snowshoe will simply include your project alongside. It’s ready to ship right there.

The Snowshoe base is built on top of the latest stable packages. Snowshoe release are made in editions twice a year, in winter and summer, staying as closely to upstream as possible.

It's x86_64 only. No GNOME ;) Just C/C++ compiler, perl, python - the bones. Make it, test it and ship it!

Besides the system base packages, Snowshoe includes the minimal development environment that is necessary to build your projects and to build other RPM packages. And when all the work is done, it’s nice when you distribute the project easily. Snowshoe brings all that by design.

Once when you have successfully registered your Snowshoe installation to Access Network you can access repositories according to your subscription plan.

Installation CD contains only the minimal viable set of packages necessary to run the basic system. Everything else could be installed later through access network.