Intelligent Data Block

Data analysis and Software infrastructure

April 30, 2017

iDB - Intelligent Data Block

iDB is the missing part of the puzzle, representing the answer to the pain that all medium to large enterprises face, the inability to easily extract the right business decisions from data.

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. – Daniel Keys Moran, an American computer programmer

Companies are now numbers-rich, but they are still insight-poor. Despite the opportunities and efficiencies that Big Data and enterprise software promise to open up, business are still being held back from truly unlocking these and getting closer to the valuable insights.

Inflexibility, poor quality, and other obstacles hinder the successful production of analytics for data-driven organizations. The knowledge Big Data and enterprise software promise is meaningless without the right context and the ability to narrow down which individual measures are the most important to a business.

The Platform

iDB brings data analysis that actually produce applicable results. You'll be able to identify data points that correlate most strongly with business, which fast-moving metrics are the best indicators of growth, and which are the key touch points for decision making. iDB is directly linked to action - a smart block with direct input to the right analysis needed to decide between decision A or B as a result.

It's a platform that helps increase velocity, reliability, and quality of data analytics. It aims to help organizations rapidly produce insight, turn that insight into operational activity, and continuously improve analytic operations and performance. It cooperates with already implemented BigData apps or enterprise products in high performing and reliable manner. In turn it leads to faster time to market.

iDB is a combination of tools, process improvements, data analysis, and software infrastructure that enables rapid-response data analytics at high level of quality and flexibility. It adapts easily to user requirements, even as they evolve, and ultimately supports improved data-driven decision-making.

It’s simplified at input, agile at processing, and concise at output, so you can easily scale and manage an increase in demand while also improving the block use. The result is a rapid-response, flexibile and robust data-analytics capability, which is able to keep up with the creativity of internal stakeholders and users. iDB complements making smart business decisions.

Intelligent data out

You only point to raw data sources. We implement iDB - extract and analyse data, meet the requirements, and provide necessary software infrastructure.