Snowshoe Linux
The best way to start
shipping your own projects.

It couldn’t be easier to install the Snowshoe Linux. There are no complicated instructions. Just select the destination disk with a single key-press and the Snowshoe does the rest for you.

Everything else with the distribution is just a matter of copying your project packages to the installer addons directory. And Snowshoe will simply include your project alongside. It’s ready to ship right there.

Face To Face With Snowshoe

Do you know how to build a world of your own? Brick by brick. It’s a big thing when you have the knowledge and tools to build your own computing cloud. The goal of the Snowshoe Linux is to provide enough bricks to do the entire job.

Think all of your projects that make a good fit brick. Snowshoe EULA permits you to distribute your own packaged software as part of the addons stronghold. It’s easy to include your work to be installed by default. Learn more here.

Perfect for building
Linux server appliances.

Did you know that snowshoe hare change their fur coat twice a year? A thin brown coat for the summer and a heavy white coat for the winter.

Snowshoe Linux releases are made in editions twice a year, in winter and in summer. Big changes happen in winter, while the minor modifications are in summer.

Snowshoe Brings Much

Snowshoe is just right in the place when you need to quickly test your project inside the vanilla Linux environment.

Sometimes it is far more important to keep the same development environment for different projects between your team members.

It’s great when you can make the clean runtime environment with only necessary packages included.

Besides the system base packages, Snowshoe includes the minimal development environment that is necessary to build your projects and to make RPM packages.

And when all the work is done, it’s nice when you distribute the project easily. Snowshoe brings all that by design.